Perhutani Conducts Inaugural Alphapinene Export to India

Skalanews – State owned firm with duty and authority to enforce work plan, governance, exploitation and protection of national forests, Perum Perhutani, conducted inaugural export of 13.6 tons of alpha-Pinene, an organic compound of the terpene class boiled of pine resin with purity of at least 97.5 percent to India from Perhutani Pine Chemical Industry (PPCI), Pemalang, Central Java.
Director of Perhutani Bambang Sukmananto on Tuesday (4/22) said production process alpha-Pinene was done using simple technology, but the company gained quite profitable value-added product compared to turpentine.
Alpha-Pinene and beta-Pinene market needs in the world reached 600,000 tones a year, he added, while at home it reached 19,000 tons a year.
“With existing pine saps as raw material, and the ability to process them to derivatives, then Perhutani’s next target in pine chemical industry is to become major player in the world,” he said.
Bambang said, as the third largest Gondorukem and turpentine derivatives producer in the world, Perhutani’s production reached 10 percent of global production.
According to him, of an investment worth Rp208.7 billion, Perhutani was able to produce Gondorukem value-added derivatives by 20-30 percent and 50-60 percent of turpentine derivatives, with the price between 2,000-4,000 dollars or even 15,000 dollars per ton.
Perhutani managed 2.4 million hectares forest area in Java, consisting of 1,261 million ha teak forests (52 percent), pine forest 876,992.66 ha (36 percent), and others.
Perhutani PPCI plant in Pemalang is the largest integrated plant derivatives in Indonesia and Southeast Asia. (ant/nra)
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Tanggal  : 24 April 2014