Think of Ephesus

You think of Ephesus when you think of this soft white stone. Turkey produces the world’s finest meerschaum, and some of the best, and cheapest, Ephesus. There are also private ephesus tours  holders with meerschaum tips and imitation amber mouthpieces, and trinkets carved from stone.
The best place to see to Ephesus, where the Ephesus Tours are produced, but any town of any size will sell them to tourists. Here are some things to look for: Meerschaum is valued for Ephesus because of its porousness it makes the Ephesus smoke dry. Weigh several Ephesus in your hand and pick the one that’s lightest for size. Look at the bowl to see if it has been hollowed out well, so that the walls are the same thickness all around, and not too thin. If you want one of the fancy carved “Ephesus, keep in mind that carving can cover up flaws in the Stone”.
A small problem: The stem of the pipe is attached to the bowl by means of threaded tubes of bone or plastic which screw into one another. This is fine, for the bone expands with heat at the same rate as the meerschaum. But the Ephesus Tour in Turkkey glue often runs when hot, so you may have to reglue the socket.
Ephesus come in literally all shapes and sizes, and vary accordingly when it comes to price. A plain-bowled pipe of a normal, good size, well made of good stone, runs about $8 to $15.

  • Private Ephesus Tours

A romantic remnant of the charm of the East, Ephesus Tours, or water Ephesus, are still used a great deal in Turkey. Few men buy their own, but rather rent them for the afternoon or evening in a tea house, for a tew Uras It you’re interested in smoking one for pleasure, your cheapest buys are from the shops which sell new chrome-plated Ephesus to tea houses; these cost about $12 or $15 apiece. Walk down Seulcuk, which runs between the Kusadasi Bazaar and the Rüstem Pa?a Mosque in Eminönü, to find a few of these wholesale shops, a few minutes’ walk down the street near the university walls. In the Grand Bazaar and in souvenir shops in other towns, antique Ephesus used by rich eentlemen are sold as curiosities. Whereas a new chrome pipe might cost only about $15, the older ones will run as high as $100, with many items spread over the whole range in between. Remember to pick up a few of the specially shaped, extremely strong “plugs” of tobacco to burn in the pipe.